Our Story

Rehfeld’s Art & Framing has always striven to be the absolute best custom framer since opening in 1983. We have won First Place Awards in National competitions, we’re the first gallery in Sioux Falls to be certified by the Professional Picture Framing Association and currently have a certified framer on staff. Rehfeld’s gallery also represents more than twenty-five artists.

Our Mission

Rehfeld’s Art and Framing’s mission is to provide custom, high quality framing that is beautiful in design and of conservation quality. We help our customers select the best options to display their artwork while keeping safety and preservation in mind. Our certified framers have been educated in current conservation practices and are more than happy to share that knowledge. Rehfeld’s creative designers provide a fun framing experience and always find the best design, whether framing a valuable painting or child’s drawing.

Our gallery represents more than twenty-five local and regional artists from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and the surrounding states including North Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa. We aim to represent artists in a variety of medium and style, both well established and emerging. All artist demonstrate great craftsmanship, presentation, and creativity.

New Ownership

In 2016, Rehfeld’s Art & Framing was sold by Larry Rehfeld and looks forward to an exciting future under the new ownership of Matt Jorgenson, owner of the 1948 Trading Company in Brandon! The present staff will continue; the name and location will be the same; the service, quality, creativity and professionalism will just keep getting better.


We are a fine art gallery and custom frame shop in historic downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Phone: 605-336-9737

Mon-Sat: 10-5:30pm
Closed Sundays


Jan 4th: Benefit for Alzheimer's
Feb 1st: SD Landscape Show
March 1st: Form and Color Show
April 5th: High School Art Show
May 3rd: Art and Wine Walk - Jamie Jacobsen
June 7th: ABH - Artists of the Black Hills

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