Clark Martinek

May 27, 2015 admin

About The Artist

“Being able to create my own tools as well as create formative art is very appealing to me. It gives me the ability to create freely, proving traditional and historical blacksmith techniques can be used in today’s modern society. Having access to modern-day tools while holding true to the time-honored quality and craftsmanship of blacksmiths before me makes my sculptural work unique and interpretive.

Metal is not an easy medium. Because iron is so hard to manipulate, it demands dedication in order to make it move properly. But once the final product is achieved, it is very rewarding. I am loyal to metal for these reasons. I also enjoy the feeling of harnessing the techniques that have been used for thousands of years with this material. Being a blacksmith and working with metal puts the blacksmith in a position of constant learning – something that keeps me interested.

Once an iron item is complete, I enjoy the freedom to complement it with natural elements as long as these don’t overpower the idea within the iron. Three elements are the foundation of many things in life: wood, iron and rock. For this reason, I often incorporate these items into my work.”

Tough and Twisted Blacksmithing

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