Prints and Paintings

May 28, 2015 admin

Why do we frame artwork?

Not only does framing provide protection from environmental condition (e.g. UV light, humidity, moisture, insects) it also enhances the visual impact of art. A well chosen frame will never draw attention from the painting or print but rather enhance it and create a relationship between the artwork and the room it hangs in.

When selecting a frame, the style of painting should suggest the style of frame. For example, abstracts and modern pieces are better suited for a sleek, simple, contemporary frame; while classical paintings will fit best into an elegant, traditional frame. For anything in-between these styles, there are hundreds of transitional frames available.

Framing a piece can be daunting with so many choices. Bring your artwork into the gallery, no appointment needed, and our designers will help you select the perfect framing to complete and personalize your art!

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