About the Artist

I am a Sioux Falls artist working with mixed mediums to create intensity through saturated colors, high contrast, and movement. I like to have many tools – stencils, pens, charcoal, photographs – within reach while I work intuitively and quickly. My recent work was distinctively influenced by the time I lived in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area, during which I studied under artist Janet Bothne and shifted toward abstract expressionism in my work.

As a greater body of work, my art is heavily influenced by my family history. A first generation immigrant from Ukraine, my direct and indirect experience of traumatic loss and suffering colors my work’s intensity. I studied at Augustana University where I found studio work to be a sanctuary to make sense of the stark contrast between the experienced suffering and the promised hope found in my spiritual beliefs.



We are a fine art gallery and custom frame shop in historic downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Phone: 605-336-9737 Address: 210 S. PHILLIPS AVENUE, SIOUX FALLS, SD 57104 HOURS: Mon-Sat: 10-5:30pm Closed Sundays

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