About The Artist

Painting has always been a passion for Idali Hall. In North Mexico, where she grew up, Idali was first introduced to art by her family. Primarily she worked with her sister doing pastel drawings. After attending college in Monterrey, Mexico, she immersed herself in art culture. While she worked with various contemporary art shops, Idali learned to work with acrylics and oil and to also teach art classes. Working with art shops opened many doors for Idali, which included meeting her mentor Cavazos. Cavazos, very well known artist in Monterrey, Mexico, offered guidance for Idali’ solo exhibition in June of 2004. Since her marriage and relocation to the United States, Idali has been working on her art and pursuing her dream to of becoming a successful artist.

“Inspiration for my art comes from mixing colors that are always a fascinating fusion. Every work is an exciting experiment, using different types of textures as a guide for colors, making the result a very unique piece. I think that all my art work has a little piece of me inside of it.”


Tell me about your creative process and why you work in your chosen media. Throughout my life, I’ve tried a lot of media. I started with pastels, and charcoal drawings among others. Then I discovered acrylics and what I could do with them, I never wanted to use anything else. It was like love at first sight. I started experimenting more with different types of texture and I immersed myself into learning more about mixed media with different workshops. Today, I love the infinite results I can get from textures I can combine with acrylics, resulting in mixed media. Texture is the guidance for my colors, the essence of my work.

What art do you most identify with? I definitely identify myself with abstract contemporary art. I’ve always liked the simplicity yet deep complexion of it. That’s life for me! Everybody has a different view of things. When I make a painting I don’t expect people to see what I see in my art. I love that everybody can have his or her own interpretation of my work.

What themes do you pursue and why? Ever since I was very young, I used to go to the backyard with my dad to use his telescope and look at the stars, the moon and planets. I always thought they were magnificent natural creations. This memory was my inspiration for my first solo exhibition I titled “Dreams of Mars”. I wanted to represent through my art what I used to see through my dad’s telescope. I continue to this day using similar inspiration. All natural phenomena always becomes part of my artwork.

What is your favorite or most inspirational place in South Dakota? The Falls Park in Sioux Falls. They are so beautiful; they have definitely played a roll in my artwork. The combination of the earth tone underneath the vegetation around them have inspired me throughout my years living in this beautiful area.

Professionally, what’s your goal? I am constantly trying to improve myself. Discovering new techniques, experimenting. My goal is to become a successful artist. Every single time somebody purchases one of my pieces I call that a success. I always appreciate that! It means to me that they allow my artwork to enlighten their life. The world needs more beauty and art. To me art provides it! I consider it a big success when people recognize my art and appreciate what I do.


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