About the Artist

The risk of disappointment and possibility for success are just two of the reasons clay continues to captivate me. It is a highly demanding, and unforgiving medium. Yet, clay is an oddly malleable medium in its most basic state. My creative process in clay is made up of equal parts spontaneity and deliberate planning. I begin with simple, sometimes inadvertent wheel forms and manipulate them with naturally flowing textures to compliment the form. Much of my inspiration stems from the contrasting stages of clay. In my work, both elements of the clay are present in a permanent visual display. My ceramics seek to capture the pliability of the wet clay, as well as the inflexibility of dry and fired clay. Reminiscent of flora and sea creatures, these pieces have a sense of whim and unpredictability that is most frequently found in nature.

It is my hope that each of these pieces with tempt the viewers question the material itself. Throughout my process of creating, there is a struggle to push boundaries, to reduce imperfections, and to constantly be aware of what the clay needs from start to finish. Since my first pottery class in 2009, I have learned the importance of forgiving my own mistakes along the way and learning from the process. For each single success in ceramics, there are several unseen failures. For that same reason, I am even more grateful for each successful piece I am able to present to my viewers.

Jenna Weir-Riedel is a Sioux Falls native and Brandon Valley High School graduate. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Studio Arts with an emphasis in ceramics and woodworking from Iowa State University in 2011.

(My work is all twice fired in an electric kiln with a low fire, Cone 04-07 glaze, dishwasher and microwave safe.)



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July 5th: Earthen Elements - A Ceramic Exhibit by Jenna Weir & Travis Hinton
August 2nd: Eyob Mergia
September 6th: Helpline Center Benefit - Hope & Healing Show

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