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Angie Gillespie

Angie Gillespie.jpg

Angie Gillespie is a native South Dakotan, originally from Sioux Falls, where she still resides.  While she did go to art school, she is self-taught in her amazing encaustic (wax, oil, shellac) creations.


“I am drawn to organic repetition. Everything in its own right, when isolated, can be something worth taking a closer look. Inspiration is truly everywhere!  [Encaustic painting is] forgiving yet temperamental, and it’s a process that forces you to trust and work through it. I love to scrape back layers of wax to discover patterns and colors that are hidden beneath.  I [also] have the element of fire to move the colors around and create motion on the surface. Wax has its own tempo you must abide to. In liquid form, you pick up the pace before it hardens. When it’s cool, you learn to have patience and slow down. When people look at my work, I want them to let their eyes wander and follow the lines and details that form patterns, to see all the little things they can’t see from afar.”

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