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Cristen Roghair

Cristen J. Roghair-bio photo.jpg

Cristen J. Roghair and her husband, Marty, ranch near Okaton where they raise and home school their children. Cristen is a professional landscape photographer, and is currently restoring a 1911 township school house into a gallery and art education center.


Artist Statement

"Photography has been for me a lifelong process of observation- I look for light in the shadows, celebrate the land meeting the sky, and chisel away to show detail among chaos.

The landscape of the prairie leaves me breathless as I seek to express its beauty through photographs.

This peaceful yet raging expanse of sky meeting land has brought comfort to my weary soul; for I know the One who created it and that brings me great joy."

Cristen's photographs can be found on her website, regional art shows and galleries across the state.