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A child’s drawing, your favorite vacation photo, mementos from your grandmother, your favorite painting- it’s all artwork worthy of framing. You can be assured we will offer you the best design; the latest styles, and the best price! Services include: museum quality framing, framing consultation, canvas stretching, custom moldings, custom finishes, pickup, delivery, and installation.


The original look of your artwork is the ideal; therefore, preservation is a priority. Our staff at Rehfeld’s, wtih a PPFA (certified professional picture framer), takes great pride in our knowledge of conservation framing practices. When designing, we will educate you about our available products and techniques including UV filtered glass, acid free matting, and museum quality mounting. We can help you choose what options work best for you and your art, so it will last for many years to come.


Our staff is highly experienced in handling valuable works of art including pieces by; Jon Crane, Andy Warhol, Joanne Bird, Edvard Munch, Damien Hirst, Oscar Howe, Harvey Dunn and many more. You can rest knowing your valuables will be safe in our care. 


Not only does framing provide protection from environmental conditions (e.g. UV light, humidity, moisture, insects) it also enhances the visual impact of art. A well chosen frame will never draw attention from the item on display, but rather enhance it and create a relationship between the artwork and the room it hangs in.


When selecting a frame, the object will suggest the style. For example, abstracts and modern paintings are better suited for a sleek, contemporary frame; while classical items and antiques will fit best in an elegant, traditional frame. For anything in-between these styles, there are hundreds of transitional frames available.

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