Eyob Mergia

Eyob Mergia.jpg

An Ethiopian native, Eyob Mergia moved to the United States, after graduating from the Ethiopian Fine Arts Institute in 1997. He continued his studies in advanced painting and drawing at Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD. He is pursuing film at CSN college in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mergia is an abstract impressionist painter and Photographer and film director & editor.  He studied classical art, cubism and abstract art photography and film.  He is known for his large drawings and multi-panel paintings and mural art.




“I consider myself really fortunate to be an artist.  My journey as an artist has opened my eyes and enabled me to look at the existence of elements in depth and allowed me to capture a point of expression for the beginning of any element.  My source of inspiration is abundant.  It’s the daily life, music, books, films, conversations, nature, travelling, science, spiritual ideas, and culture. My work is to experiment with my ideas in the language of art. It allows me to play with a broad range of traditional and non-traditional medium in mainstream fine arts.

“In my work I want to bring out a form of philosophy.  To me, art serves as a spiritual guide–it manifests my vision and allows me to express my inner voice. At times, I explore new ideas with diverse mathematical formulas and concepts in my art. I am inspired by monumental sculptures, design, archaeology, literature, music and history. I continuously find myself on a journey to discover my heritage, the world and myself.

“Painting is an activity that helps to refine the soul. Art is like daily bread for the soul. The artist should have a message to convey. A message revealed to him by his inner voice which also accounts for the beauty of his work. Only that is beautiful.”