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Saint Belle

Saint Belle

Imagined Saints

Saint Belle Patron Saint of Prairie Wind Farms

Charcoal, pastel, oil pastel, archival image, encaustic, 24k gold leaf, dyed paper mounted to panel

16 x 20" framed panel


About the series:


"A recent trip to Italy served as a major catalyst for the Imagined Saints series. Upon visiting the many churches and museums and taking in all of the religious subject matter, I started to feel as though several areas of my past and present were intersecting.  While in Rome, after going into a souvenir shop and seeing racks of what reminded me of baseball cards, I joked that whatever the occasion might be, “there’s a saint for that.”

Imagined Saints is the point of intersection of my Catholic upbringing, my current spirituality, my humor, the value I place on every-day things in life, my childhood response to Catholic iconography, personal reconciliation and my experience of standing before Michelangelo’s sculptures for the first time, among others"


-Becky Grismer

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