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Molly Fulton Noem +
Tom Dempster


Their most recent collection, Rapture. Radiance. Prairie Seen., is a series of works expressing what we may not see, but sense in the land.  Using gouache and acrylic marker, artist Molly Fulton thoughtfully enhances the landscape photography of Tom Dempster.  Fulton's bold layers coupled with Dempster’s captivation of the harmonious energy of the elements serve as an expression of the life, rapture, and radiance that is integral to the prairie.  Through these shared observances, Fulton and Dempster encourage viewers to pause and bear witness to the contrasting compositions that construct the vibrancy and vitality of our landscape.

“[The Prairie] is indeed full of rapture and radiance and we can witness that when we slow down and allow ourselves to be present and really see. What landscape shares with us when we grow silent is a connection to our deepest imagination and a very real way of seeing beyond what our eyes make visible.”
-Molly Fulton

Molly Fulton-Noem

Molly Fulton-Noem is a South Dakota based artist whose work explores the people and places that shape us, forming our identity and values. Fulton predominantly with acrylic, gouache, and pen on paper and canvas to explore repetitive shapes and forms that reflect on individual, familial, and societal identity and values. Inspired by quilted patterns, Fulton explores the diverse threads that shape society by weaving together the many influences, influencers, and experiences that shape us.


Fulton is a graduate of Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame Indiana and received her Master of Arts in Instruction from Saint Mary’s University, Winona, Minnesota. 

Tom Dempster

Tom Dempster is the author and photographer of two books, Behold, and North of 12 Street, which was a finalist for Forward Book Review’s book-of-the-year. His work has appeared on the front page of USA Today, International Herald Tribune, Sailing Magazine, South Dakota Magazine and in both South Dakota Photographed and South Dakota's Best Stories.


He was the host of South Dakota Heroes, a Public Radio documentary that earned the Edward R. Murrow Award. He is a frequent contributor to SD Public Radio. He has had a number of solo gallery shows and has twice won the People’s Choice award at the Washington Pavilion Art Auction.


Dempster has served for eight years in the SD Senate and as a Minnehaha County Commissioner for nine years. He is a USD graduate with a BA in Economics.

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