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Jon Nibbe

Jon Nibbe.jpg

Jon Nibbe graduated from Minnesota State University, receiving both his BFA (2006) and MA (2008) in ceramics. Following his studies in Mankato, MN, Jon decided to further his education and traveled to Taiwan, where he pursued his MFA (2011) in studio arts. From there, his work led him to Kanazawa, Japan, where he worked for 18 months under the guide of a local family of ceramists. Since then, Jon has returned to Minnesota to start his own studio and continues to use the influence of Taiwanese and Japanese culture in his work.


Jon has always had a love for clay and the different processes that working with the material entails. To Jon, becoming involved in each step of the process allows the artist to fully delve into the physicality, intention, alchemy, and intuition of clay. He does not limit himself to one technique and enjoys working freely on the wheel as well as creating intricate textural designs within his work. The final product is not his favorite part of being a ceramist, but instead loves how the art form can entice experimentation and bring together a group of fellow enthusiasts.

Please contact the gallery for inquiries about mugs, cups and bowls available. 

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